Owner of Ray of Sunshine Farm

Rashmi likes to know where her food comes from! When she was a kid, she wanted to be a veterinarian; by becoming the owner of Ray of Sunshine Farm, she is able to combine her love for animals with her passion for quality, local food and produce. With Ray of Sunshine Farm, Rashmi can share the bounty of the land.


Farmer in Chief

Michael enjoys being the muscle of the farm. Whether it is moving bales of hay, building new barns, fixing broken fences, keeping everyone fed, or dreaming up goat play structures, Michael is on top of it all. Don’t let his tough exterior fool you - at the end of a long day, you can catch him snuggling the barn cat.


Rusty, a red lab, is Ray of Sunshine Farm's resident rodent controller. In his spare time, he loves playing fetch & taking himself on scenic strolls around the property to check on all of the residents!


Tula is Ray of Sunshine Farm's resident herder (in training)! When not training, Tula, a Belgian Sheepdog, loves exploring during walks and learning the ropes from Rusty.


Max is Ray of Sunshine Farm's resident Livestock Guardian dog, a very handsome Great Pyrenees. Since he joined the farm in the Fall of 2020 there have been no losses to predators!


Bella is Ray of Sunshine Farm's resident Livestock Guardian puppy, an energetic and adorable Great Pyrenees. As she grows older, she will help Max to protect the farm.

Ray of Sunshine Farm

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